How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Organized

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s here that children do their homework, parents pay bills and of course, the food is prepared for the household.It’s only natural that this room must be kept as clean as possible.

But how is that done when it’s such a busy room?

The Following is advice I picked up from the fitters over at Kitchens Manchester By following these simple steps you can keep your kitchen clean and organized.

a) Start by doing the dishes each night after dinner. Wipe down the counters and appliances and sweep the floor. These steps should become so routine that you don’t even think about them, you just do them.

As you prepare meals, be sure to take advantage of the cooking time by washing up anything that was used to prepare the meal, setting the table and so on.

Learn to tidy up as you go so that you won’t have to do everything at once. This can help to keep the kitchen clean as well as organized. Set some hot soapy water in the sink and have everyone put their dishes in the hot soapy water after eating. In this fashion, you’ll be able to just quickly whisk the dishes with a dishcloth and rinse them before having someone dry them and put them away.

b) Keep counters clear of clutter and wipe them down with a disinfectant frequently. Counters are often used for food prep and for homework or bill paying so be sure that you wipe them down in between tasks. You can keep a good spray disinfectant on hand to do this with and a dry towel or paper towel.

Put things away as they are used and have a place for everything so that you can keep things neat and well organized at all times. Put groceries away after going shopping so that your kitchen will always be neat and tidy.


c) Organize your pantry so that you can see everything that you have in it easily. Use baskets and clear containers so that you can readily see what you have before you begin meal preparations.

If you need more shelf space, consider going up and utilizing the space between appliances and counters. Add pull out shelving or drawers or cupboards as needed. These can be customized and will greatly help in keeping things in their place.

d) If there is room, consider adding a small desk in the kitchen area for the bill paying and homework station. Many kids are doing homework while mom or dad is preparing dinner and this will help keep mom or dad from having to go out of the room to answer questions that may arise.

Keep in mind that the more efficiently the kitchen is designed and organized, the easier it’s going to be to keep it clean and tidy. Sometimes, you just have to remove everything and start over to have it fully organized and functional when you’re preparing meals. Consider adding shelves underneath of the sink to help reduce clutter.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Curved Kitchens

All You Need To Know About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Curved Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in any house or apartment. Why? It is due to the fact that the kitchen is no longer an area that focuses on cooking food and nothing else. Oh no. In today’s contemporary society, the kitchen is an area of socializing and positive interaction while developing a meal for everyone to enjoy. In previous years, the kitchen was attached to the dining room or living area as a separate entity with a square structure; however, the modern kitchen presents with different designs appropriate to the changing generation. Today I want to talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of the modern curved kitchen.


The  Advantages Of A Modern Curved Kitchen

1. Promoting A Feeling Of ‘Flow’

One of the most popular structural designs present in 21st century contemporary homes is the open-plan style. This is beneficial as it not only provides a greater sense of space, which is useful in smaller homes, but also increases the sense of ‘flow’. A modern curved kitchen further enhances the sense of flow due to the elimination of corners joining the living area to the kitchen area. This removes a distinction from the areas increasing a feeling of being one large space instead of two smaller spaces.

2. Promoting Softer, Warmer Feelings In The Kitchen

Sharpened obtuse angles have always been associated with hard, cold and intimidating emotions; whereas, the curved design is one of warmth and caring. A modern curved kitchen removes sharp angles and increases feelings of softness within the kitchen area making it far more inviting to the individuals.

3. Removing At Risk Edges

As any parent would agree, curved corners can be far more secure than the sharp 90 degree edges. By utilizing the curved property design, it is possible to reduce the risk of injury to both the less coordinated adult and the smaller child.

The Disadvantages Of A Modern Curved Kitchen

1. High Cost

Unfortunately, the curved kitchen design is extremely costly and ranges from approximately £500 per curved corner added to a kitchen cabinet. When opting for a curved kitchen, it is important to consider the size of the kitchen and the amount of cabinet corners that would need to be altered. By taking this information into account and applying it to a detailed budget, it is possible to determine whether or not the curved format is personally affordable.

2. Poor And Low Levels Of Storage

Despite the reduced level of injury to children, the curved kitchen units do not provide high amounts of storage space. Due to the fact that a large proportion of the cabinet is removed to obtain the curved appearance, the capacity of any standard cabinet can be reduced by at least 50% dependent on the ultimate design.

3. A Passing Trend

As with all kitchen designs, the modern curves in a kitchen will go out of fashion quickly. In previous years, when modern curved cabinets were initially discovered, they were presented in high-end exclusive showrooms; however, the trend will fade as the kitchen becomes more affordable. If you are interested in this design you must consider whether or not you are willing to sacrifice all the space and cost for a passing fad. Read more about kitchen trends here


We this I will leave you to make your own decision about a curved kitchen personally I am  for the curved kitchen for its smooth looks and love the feeling of flow.

Transitional Kitchen Designs

The Essential Guide To The Different Elements Of A Transitional Kitchen Design

They say that home is where the heart is and comfortable homes make happy people. If this is true, then it is no wonder many people choose to renovate their homes to become comfortable in their residence. Living in a rather stressful society it is essential that we feel content in our residences and find an escape from the outside world. One of these areas is the kitchen space and finding the correct design for a kitchen can be complicated. Nowadays, with the focus on home renovation, it can be difficult to choose between the numerous trends available. Today we discuss the transitional kitchen design and point out the various elements of this particular kitchen style.

1. Streamlined Cabinets

One of the defining features of a transitional kitchen is its combination of the modern and traditional kitchen formats. This is easily seen in the development and presentation of the kitchen cabinets. Unlike the modern curved kitchen style, the transitional design has adopted a contemporary approach with sleek styles but maintained the square structure using paneled doors. It is possible to modernize the units by using different materials including lacquered wood to create a traditional yet updated look.

2. Natural Kitchen Surfaces

Despite the presentation of lacquered wood, the transitional kitchen is very well known for its use of the ‘natural surface’. A popular method in many modern kitchens is the use of stone kitchen counter tops to enhance elegance in the area; however, it continues to be someway traditional removing any extreme elaborate appearance. In addition, the use of these types of kitchen surfaces are highly beneficial as they require less maintenance and are easy to clean when preparing food.

3. Simple Accessorizing

Accessorizing in a kitchen is not something many people would consider; however, the presence of the various pieces of equipment on the walls has made the “accessories” in a kitchen somewhat overwhelming. The transitional kitchen presents with a minimal amount of accessorizing and a very simple style when there is an accessory. Deconstructed arrangements are popular, as are toned-down pottery collections. In a transitional kitchen it is recommended that displays are avoided and patterns always be kept to the simple graphics. This minimalist look encourages streamlined styles and flowing movements across the floor space.

4. Neutral Colors

While transitional rooms do not present with bold colors or bright designs, they do provide a calm elegance in their use of neutral colors. The warming flow from neutral colors is experienced by layering the colors to create a monochromatic design. Of course, it is possible to place some color outside of the neutral palette on surface areas or as a cabinet stool pillow for some change in the style.  Read more about  colours in kitchens here

5. Natural And Manufactured Materials

One of the core features in all transitional kitchen designs is the combination of natural and manufactured materials where the natural is juxtaposed against the manufactured. By doing this you will be mixing the organic and man-made demonstrating the difference in texture, color, and elegance.

Kitchen Trends

There Are Some Kitchen Trends That You Should Avoid At All Costs

When it comes to home remodeling and redecorating, the kitchen is often the first room that people go after. Considered the hub of home activity by many, the kitchen is a place for eating and socializing, making it an essential part of the house. Making it comfortable is sensible and fun.

However, there are some things that you should avoid doing when you are working on redeveloping or designing your kitchen for the first time. By using the right combination of should’s and should-not’s, you can transform your kitchen in a way that can be appreciated for many years to come.

The trends in home decor come and go based on the colors and styles that fall in and out of fashion with the rich and famous. The more affordable ideas result in the decoration of many homes and offices across the country and even in other parts of the world. There are also some things that are considered more timeless.

The timeless aspects of home decor are quite often pieces and ideas that have been brought in from other cultures and withstood centuries and even millennia of proven use. However, that is not the case with modern kitchens.

So, the kitchen trends that you are going to find are all going to be based primarily in modern art and styles. While some color schemes and line elements of the accent pieces might be reminiscent of another country or time, a refrigerator is still a refrigerator and a stove is just a stove.


That being said, you can take advantage of the timelessness of neutral colors. In fact, avoiding bold colors that are very trendy is a must if you want to love your kitchen a long time.

By using trendy colors as the primary ones in your kitchen decor, you are ensuring that you will need to update within a few years. Unless you want to repaint the kitchen frequently, go with neutral color choices.

Whether you opt for beige, taupe or grey scale wallpaper or paint, you can accent with the more trendy colors. This way, you will be able to change them easily when the new color lines roll out.

Before you decide on following any kitchen trend, find out how valuable it will actually be for you. Are you planning to stay in the home or are you remodeling for a quick sale?

If you are staying in the home, will this trendy thing be of value to you in ten years? If you are selling soon, does this trend appear to be on the rise or decline?

Another thing to keep in mind with tredy kitchens is how easily you be able to keep to kitchen clean. Read our post Tips For Clean Kitchens for easy tips.

Only you and your significant other can decide which remodels and upgrades are the right ones for your home, including the kitchen. Take the time to look at which choices are the wisest for your long term investment.

Owning a home and taking care of it includes making responsible choices in your decor that avoid excessively trendy statements. Doing so will make your home more aesthetically pleasing and valuable.